Two years after the closure of Net-Sphere in 2054 a group of hackers calling themselves ‘Backstreet Brats’ managed to salvage the source code and release it to the public. As a result numerous unofficial simulations of Net-Sphere opened, each with their own community created content. Cyberion originally belonged to a small server called Bunker.

Cyberion is the second custom map released for S4MAX by Shanzenos in patch 2.2.3. It is available for Touchdown and Deathmatch modes. It is a group of floating islets connected with both breakable and unbreakable bridges.

It certainly looks like an old school S4 League map

Spawn points are located in each corner. You respawn in one of the two divided cells of the ‘standby room’ with lasers protecting both exits. It is possible to shoot through the gaps.



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Outside the room is your base. Goal posts are located on the corners and they are reachable by the ramp or jumping from the boxes. These boxes are destructible and it is advised to break them while defending to prevent nasty trick scores. They have very low health and respawn in 5 seconds. Snipers can support their teams by positioning themselves on the breakable window.



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To the right there are 2 bridges to reach the fumbi. You should always take the one in middle when reaching the fumbi. The twisted one should be used for attacking/defending.

Protip: If you have a sentry gun, these hexagonal rings can serve as excellent covers at the cost of limited vision

After dropping down you’ll find yourself in front of the fumbi. Prepare yourself for the immediate impact and try to position yourself behind the walls to protect yourself against long ranged opponents. When you think it’s possible, pick up the ball and advance through one of the 3 different routes. I’ll review each of these paths from shortest to longest.



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First, the right path (red bridge)

  • Difficulty: ☆☆☆☆☆
  • Distance:

This is the shortest but also the most dangerous route. Check your surroundings before proceeding because the bridge can be destroyed. It has moderate health (16 semi shots) and takes 10 seconds to respawn. After passing it climb your way up the spiral staircase surrounding the dark tower. Be careful not to fall down because climbing back up without SP can be tedious.



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Here comes the trickiest stage. The next section consists of a bridge with 3 seperate parts. These parts have very low health and spawn quickly (2 seconds). Considering this is where the snipers are placed you’re better off hiding yourself. Imagine yourself playing Frogger and only pass when there are no cars present. This is where your teammates must invade their base and create a distraction long enough for you to pass the bridge quickly. Other than that attempt this road only if you have Anchoring or Flying.

If you fall down the bridge let out a funny death scream to minimize the frustration

Second, the middle path (black bridge)

  • Difficulty: ☆☆☆
  • Distance: ☆☆☆

Best choice when doing a solo rush. Just follow the bridge and you’ll be there. Be careful of the upper bridge where enemy stunners may be. The last ramp can be used as a momentary cover.



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Last, the left path (blue bridge)

  • Difficulty:
  • Distance: ☆☆☆☆☆

Blue bridge can be destroyed too like the red one. After passing it safely head to the right. Pass this open area and climb the stairs. Your right side will be protected thanks to the wall. You can stay there and pick off the enemy defenders if you want. When you feel like it jump down to the black bridge and head off.



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If you made it alive to the enemy base, congratulations. This is where the true fight begins. If you took the black or blue bridges head to the ramp. Mind the gaps if you plan to jump.



Climb the ramp and head to the goal post while trying to stay alive. Glue yourself to the wall to prevent being knocked down. If you are knocked down, check if you’re close to the box and jump from there. Then score that point and make your team proud.

This is the perfect moment to yell ‘WHO’S THAT MAN? WHO’S THAT MAN?’ in voice chat

And that is all. Cyberion is kind of a big map with little to do. Even the creator admits that this was an experimental project and is more suitable for Deathmatch mode. Don’t think about conserving your SP if you’re the first to get the ball. Choose the path that is most suitable to the situation and trust your teammates to finish the job.

Here are some basic tricks to help you navigate through the map faster:



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