Ziggurats are massive pyramid like structures built in ancient Mesopotamia. These buildings had their each floor used for different purposes. Usually the lowest floors are used as warehouses, middle floors as living quarters, schools or observatories and the top floors as shrines. In this simulation we’re paying a visit to these ancient wonders and try not to reduce them into tiny rubbles.

Ziggurat is the first custom map created for S4MAX by Serene in patch 2.2. It is available for Touchdown, Deathmatch and Battle Royale modes. It consists of two connected pyramids with multiple floors and underground passages.

If you’ve watched a movie about exploring ancient locations for treasure then you should know not to bring swords to a gunfight

Spawn points are located in 3rd floor. There are exits located in each side for having easy access to the whole pyramid. There are 5 floors in total (also counting the ground floor). I will begin my guide from this floor.


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After spawning you can leave from any gate. If you go straight you can reach the fumbi. Taking the left or right leads you to the stairs down to 2nd floor and some conveniently placed boxes in each side to climb up to the top. Most of the time your enemies will try jumping through these boxes, for this reason they should always be destroyed while defending. They have a long cooldown time to respawn (30 seconds). Finally if you leave through the back exit you find yourself at the stairs that lead to the 2nd and 4th floors.


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4th floor (Top) is where the goal posts are located. It is in a small room with entrances from every side, though the gate that faces the stairs down to 3rd floor has a laser protecting it against your enemies. Front side is also guarded by lasers to prevent quick anchor goals. When defending, break the boxes down in 3rd floor and camp up somewhere near the stairs.


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2nd floor is where all the roads are connected and most of the action happens. There are 2 stairs that connect with the 3rd floor on each side, one in the middle and one at the farthest end. The stairs down to the 1st floor and entrances to the underground tunnel can be found here at each side too.

Protip: Dying on the high ground can allow your teammates to pick up the ball and surprise your opponents with a quick walljump

1st floor is connected to the 2nd and ground floors by stairs. By taking the left/right you can reach the fumbi. And by jumping over the stairs you can land on the balcony that leads to the upper floor of the entrance to underground tunnels. These balconies are connected with the other pyramid.


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Next the ground floor. These are two open courtyards divided in the middle. By entering one of the small buildings you can either take the entrance to underground tunnels or take the passage to reach the other courtyard.


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And finally, the underground tunnels. Upon entering from ground floor, the road splits into two. In the left/right path there is a laser that prevents you reaching the other side or allows you to reset. If you continue to climb up road will split again. One leads to the exit on 2F and the other goes to the other side of the pyramid. In the middle you can break the roof to open the way to fumbi.


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With the map analyzed it’s time to score. If you have a sniping weapon you can have a slight advantage over your enemies by breaking the stairs and making them fall down to the tunnel.

Remember: Same thing can happen to your team

Due to the short distance between these two pyramids fumbi zone will be highly contested. When you take the ball, immediately jump down. Whether you take the tunnel or climb through the side is up to you.


If your enemies are smart they will break the boxes at 3F. For this reason head to the very end and take the stairs there. The reason is it’s covered from above and the end takes you real close to the stairs between 3F-4F. Only attempt the boxes if your enemies are dead.


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When you reach the top mind the laser. Don’t dash blindly. With the last obstacle gone, make your way the goal post and receive the blessings of the gods!

If there are enemies nearby you can sacrifice them to gain the favor of the gods

And that’s it for Ziggurat. For those unprepared this map may seem like a maze. If this is your first time be sure to check out the floors before heading out. Playing in Battle Royale can help you memorize the pathways.

Here are some basic tricks to help you navigate through the map faster:



There is a hidden easter egg located in this map. Can you find it?

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