Neden-1 S

Do you remember Parent Virus from Arcade Stage 8? The epic final boss that required your best to defeat? Yes? Then you also know that because it was too dumb to climb a simple slope, it got reduced to being summoned by everyone and farmed for money, items or event tokens. But have you ever wondered how things would be if Parent Virus had completed its evolution? Its destructive power, its body that hosts infinite amount of viruses that can infect any eSper in seconds and its restorative abilities all multiplied along with its AI capability leave nothing much for imagination. If the eSpers couldn’t stop the virus outbreak in time, Neden-1 S would be the end result.

Neden-1 S is the re-imagining of the popular map Neden-1 released for S4MAX by Seyren in patch 2.3.0. It is available only for Deathmatch mode. It’s same as the regular Neden-1 but the virus hand rising from the ground has damaged it severely.

The layout, the map and the objects are all same as Neden-1, nothing new is added (except for flying debris and the obvious giant hand). The map is tilted and due to this some wall jumps can’t be performed, but it is possible to travel by jumping on top of the flying debris.

I will only explain the changes in places that matter. First up we’ll start with the back of the map. All the flying crates and fences are forming staircases and walls to reach the top of the both warehouse roofs. If you fall to the gap, you can use the regular exits or wall jump back to where you started using the flying fence there. Also you can safely stand on the windows of the center warehouse.


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The roof of center warehouse is messed up. If you’re not careful it’s really easy to fall down inside. Use the vertically placed debris to perform convenient wall jumps.


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From here we jump down to the left ramp. Other than a few flying boxes and a withered tree nothing much to see here.


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The inside of center warehouse is completely wrecked, and even the wall that faces the sewer is destroyed! The flying walls here can be destroyed. Just like Neden-1, the platforms are not solid and can be shot through.


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The place where 1v1 Plasma Sword duels happen is still intact. The important thing to know is you can’t walk up the stairs normally in this map. You need to jump for every step or you will just waste time running in the same place.

Just tidy it up a little and it’s good as new

I’ve saved the best for last:『THE HAND』!!! Let’s check the sewer first. Because the map is tilted, you need to jump to get on the higher ground and climb the stairs. It is possible to perform wall jumps on the chains that hold the hand. By using the flying boxes, you can leave this place.


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Finally we have the opposite side left. Climb the bridge or jump over by using the debris. Again, nothing much except everything is flying. You can also climb the chain here by simply walking. Then you can jump from there to a box to gain some advantage.


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I feel like this was a complete waste of time. It’s just Neden-1 but everything is flying and it screws with your eyes. Seriously, don’t play this map for long periods of time. Still though it’s fun to play an already great map with a new twist and also it’s a great feeling to see a flying object and think ‘Hey i know this one, it was originally at this place!’.


Do you want to know what this map truly reminds me of? Worms. Those beloved maniacs by Team17 that love to blow each other with bazookas or even drop concrete donkeys for extra style points. If you now want to install it to quench your nostalgia, fear not! With these rules i’m about to share you can get the closest Worms experience here in S4 League:

  • Map: Neden-1 S
  • Weapons: Heavy Machine Gun/Burst Shotgun/Mine Gun
  • Skill: Anchoring

How to play?

  • No Running.
  • Only one player can move at a time.
  • When a turn ends, a player from the rival team starts their turn and it goes on like this.
  • Can only move with Heavy Machine Gun equipped.
  • Each player has 15 seconds (You can decide the time limit yourselves) to move before their turn ends.
  • Can use Anchoring only once during each turn.
  • Timer stops when the player starts firing and their turn ends when they stop their attack.
  • Can’t move while firing.
  • Can only use a set amount of ammo for an attack (You can decide this beforehand. Example: Can only fire 10 HMG bullets, can only fire 2 BSG bullets etc…).
  • The dead players must stay somewhere they can’t interfere with the ongoing game.
  • The last team standing wins!
  • Proudly sing your national anthem through the voice chat.
Congratulations to CageNextDoor!


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