Alpha Circle-2

The events on Alpha Circle have been concluded with Ophelia’s termination and Lilith’s absence. The tower is destroyed at the end but the developers decided to make and release a similiar map. They chose only 4 floors and designed them to be less confusing by adding landmarks but still feeling maze-like. It wasn’t a hit, however. Majority have complained about the frustration of moving between floors. Some players also reported that when alone, they could hear the whispers of a crying girl.

Alpha Circle-2 is the fifth custom map released for S4MAX by Rygaran in patch It is available for Deathmatch and Battle Royale modes. There are some significant changes compared to its predecessor. Mainly: Every floor has different textures, 4th and 5th floors are removed (thankfully), outer rings are replaced by the pillars and trap doors are no more.

It’s like looking at a Double Big McWhopper

Just like Alpha Circle this map uses the default Circle map because mapping a stage with more than 2 floors is a nightmare. You won’t need it though so no need to worry. It is possible to spawn on any floor except the top. I will start reviewing each floor starting from the first one. Also since Alpha Circle series are big maps, i will try a new thing and give names to each floor in order to make them easier to give important information between teammates.


(This section is copied from Alpha Circle guide because no changes have been made for this floor)

First floor is Eastern Complo made of eastern sliding doors you can find in Temple maps. Not fitting well thematically with the rest of the map but is much more better than most of the floors we will see. These doors are very fragile, you can break them even with a single handgun shot!. If you have a weapon with high magazine like Heavy Machine Gun or Smash Rifle you can destroy the whole floor or if you know an enemy is nearby you can destroy some walls to make a path to ambush them.


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Now to move onto the next floors. You can travel from the inner pit as usual, but the outer ramps are gone! Instead, you can now walljump from inside the columns. There are 4 columns in total, each in one side. Performing a single wall jump is not enough to climb from these columns, you need to perform a double wall jump by jumping onto the side wall first. Maybe while using a %100 movement speed weapon like Handgun, Vital Shock and Spy Dagger it can be possible with enough practice.



Protip: These numbers on each column and pit entrances show the current floor you’re on

Next floor isĀ IKEA also similiar but there have been some changes this time. Boxes are no longer randomly lying on the ground, instead they’re carefully placed on shelves. There are 8 shelves in total, 2 on each side. Also trap doors have been removed entirely from the map.


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Next we have The RPG Mansion the token maze floor. Don’t be fooled by the pretty interior, this floor is still frustrating to navigate. But since the even more horrible upper floors from Alpha Circle are removed, this floor is also seeing some action. You don’t need to remember the entire layout, but it’s still important to know the ways to get out of this place (how to reach the pit, windows etc)


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Rygaran, the map creator, said that he added some paintings to make it easier to know where you currently are. And now to go even beyond, i’ve decided to map the entire floor to help people further. As i said i’ve tried to name every room and painting to make giving information between teammates easier.

I wonder if anyone is autistic enough to memoriz- oh…

4th floor is Millennium Gun Fight. It’s same floor as Alpha Circle, just some good old pillar action like in those movies and games where trenchcoat wearing people shoot down each other in an extremely stylish manner. Also the glitch that allowed players to hide inside pillars is no longer present! Sadly though now the top of these pillars are visually glitched. So close to 10/10 but this drops my final score to 0/10.


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And we arrive at our Final Destination 5th and toppest floor. It’s the same deal, make your epic 1v1 fights on this floor.


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And this concludes my short guide for Alpha Circle-2. It has less glitches, it has less floors and it no longer looks like it’s been glued together forcefully. One last vital tip i can give is, due to the absence of ramps it’s important to save some SP to climb to higher floors, as the only way up are through wall jumping.

For those moments when a simple run to the laser is not enough (I just had to do it, the timing was perfect)

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