Mansion Grounds

Specifically created battlefields are no longer enough to contain all the action! In this simulation, we take a trip to the nearest garden to perform our civic duty by picking up trash (to replace them with bullet shells) and watering the flowers (with the blood of our enemies). It is claimed to be modelled after a public park by developers, but rumors say that they wanted to take revenge on a certain billionare by messing up his property.

Mansion Grounds is the fourth custom map created for S4MAX by Shanzenos in patch 2.2.8 It is available for Chaser and Deathmatch modes. It takes place inside the personal grounds of a mansion with flowerbeds, shelters, toolsheds and even fumbi sculptures.

I wonder if there is someone out there with actual fumbi statues

Since Chaser isn’t playable with a single player, today i’ve logged in from another computer brought my assistant with me to accompany me through this map. I can already tell we will have a great time during our date together


Alpha spawns on the south and beta spawns on the north side of the map. Chaser is supposed to spawn in the middle of the southern part but currently Chaser mode uses the same map with its DM version. According to Shanz this error will be corrected in the next patch.

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This will be a short guide since there are only 4 major areas to cover (3 actually because one side is mirrored) and we will begin from where the chaser spawns. First thing to notice are 2 fountains in each side of the pavement covered by 4 small walls. It is possible to wall jump from the middle but it takes extreme precision to guide yourself. Other than that there are gates leading to each section of the map. To pass from middle, either break the wooden gate or use the barrels on the right side to hop over the wall. It is possible to wall jump on the left fumbi from the barrel next to it too.

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To reach the side sections you must pass through one of the gates. It isn’t possible to jump over the walls because they are blocked by barriers. Each side is mirrored so it is important to remember which side you’re on.

Protip: The pavement is higher than ground and it can stop mine gun grenades

This is the right side. After taking the turn you can see a small cabin in front of you. This is a good place to hide in if you’ve prepared your escape route by damaging the windows beforehand. The roof is destroyable too, you can break it to jump out of there with the conveniently placed barrel inside. You can also jump on the roof from outside with either barrels next to it or with a wall jump to hide from the chaser.

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To the opposite of the toolshed is a small divided area. It’s not possible to pass through the gap. Inside there is a small pond and two benches. This is a good place to trap melee chasers by baiting them into the pond and/or continuosly jumping over the wall with the help of the benches on each side.

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Last we have the opposite side. If you’re not the chaser stick near the corners and avoid the middle ground completely. Hide behind the shelter walls to protect yourself while travelling between areas.

Reminder: Avoid standing in wide areas while playing Unlimited Chaser

And this ends my guide for Mansion Grounds. All the classic Chaser rules apply here: Find and follow a route, confuse the chaser, slow down to conserve your SP and never stand in one place.

Here are some basic tricks to help you navigate through the map faster both as a chaser and a target:


There is a hidden easter egg located in this map. Can you find it?

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