A mysterious character fully covered in green has been sighted during several ranked touchdown matches stealing the fumbi and rendering the matches unplayable. He appeared instantly without a warning and was too fast to catch for most players. During a clan match between PineapplePizza and CageNextDoor the same figure appeared again to steal the ball, but this time the strikers from each team were prepared and unknown to their teammates were actually communicating with each other to come up with possible routes. Both of them managed to catch the thief while both teams were blocking the map. When they were questioning and beating the culprit, the map they were playing on turned into a cold arena with snow motifs and ice shards in background. Soon after that the green man untied himself, congratulated both clans for catching him, explained that this was part the upcoming christmas event and gifted each player an exclusive ice themed weapon of their choice. This caused the group to burst into laughter and say:

Dude! We’re still in October!

IS_06 is a visual improvement over the existing TD map, Ice Square. It is released in patch 2.2.8 and is made by Sunaru. This map plays very much like Station-2 and new players will have no problem adapting. One big change from the official version is the bridges leading to each base can’t damage enemy players anymore. If you’re curious about how the map used to look here is the link to a youtube video.

Covered ramp, checked. Guarded fumbi spot, checked. Stairs that can be bypassed by dodging, checked. Bridge/rail, checked.

Players spawn near their bases. From spawn point you can go left to your base, run ahead to reach the fumbi or climb up the bridge to invade/snipe. The bases are relatively small and look easy to defend but they make up for it with their short walls. You can use the ice blocks near them to use as jumping stairs to climb.

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Starting from this guide i will post every breakable object inside a map as seperate images here to prevent me from forgetting them. I will measure their HP with Semi-Rifle because i don’t know, feel free to tell me a better way if you know one. Also i experimented with the fonts this time and i feel too lazy to change them, but i promise i’ll make them more recognizable in the future.

Moving on. As i’ve said the bridge rising from your spawn point can be used to reach an upper solid platform. Up here you can easily support your team with a long ranged weapon or even invading their base from behind. If you have Anchoring or Flying you can climb up the big floating object too. Remember that your enemies can also do the same.

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By going straight you reach the main arena where you will battle against others strikers and backers. Inside the walls there are lots of small solid blocks that allow players to ambush other players with melee weapons.

The way you hide yourself behind walls is just like how you hide behind seats in Station-2

Strikers and Backers can use this handy jump i’m about to post to reach the fumbi faster. If you carry a melee weapon you can land yourself on the walls and if you carry a Handgun or Vital Shock you can jump inside directly!

And now it’s time to score. There are 4 paths in total you can take to reach the goal post (without Anchoring). I will review and score each of them in terms of difficulty and distance ranging from 1 star to 5 stars.

First, the Ramp

  • Difficulty: ☆☆
  • Distance: ☆☆☆☆

Just like Station-2, the ramp is your go-to when you don’t have enough sp or want a team push. You can hide behind the icicles to protect yourself and safely take cover behind walls until you reach the base. You can also jump on the two floating platforms to shorten the trip but you risk falling down and resetting the ball by doing that.

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Second, the Floating Platforms.

  • Difficulty: ☆☆☆☆
  • Distance: ☆☆☆

This is a tricky route to take. After taking the ball exit from your right and get in front of the floating platforms. The difficulty mainly comes from managing to jump on the first platform and jumping from the last. To succeed, don’t jump from near it. Place yourself on the oval light or the white surface for the first one and jump from the very edge on the last one. Don’t idle around when you’re taking this route because while these platforms are durable, your opponents can just break the last one to prevent you from jumping and forcing a reset.

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Third, the stai- i mean the front ramp.

  • Difficulty: ☆☆☆☆☆
  • Distance:

Ah, nothing beats the good old rush. Just take the ball and rush ahead. Just like Station-2 you can perform an awesome pro trick to bypass the lasers and land in front of the goal post. You can also use the floating platform to your left if you don’t want to take risks. Advanced players can use Twin Blades or simply move their mouse to circle around the lasers from left side. As expected this is the hardest route to take as you will be confronting your opponents face to face.

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Lastly we have the bridge.

  • Difficulty: ☆☆☆
  • Distance: ☆☆

This route is only available if you have an anchor or successfully defended against the striker. If you did the latter, perform a wall jump from the ice wall left to your goal post. If you managed to, congratulations! Now you can freely walk into their territory and if they start firing at you, simply jump down and take another route.

I’m too lonely to actually invite someone and get the ball from them so make do with this sad screenshot

Now that we’ve reviewed every route it’s time to score. If you took the ramp or platform paths you will be greeted by the enemy defenders. You can climb the walls to gain the height advantage or stick to the right if you have backers to finish the job.

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When you find an opening, dash in there and high five your teammates for a job well done!

The way you can freely jump around after a touchdown is just like Statio- ok i’ll stop

And this concludes it. I’ve said it many times and i’ll say it again: This map is literally Station-2 minus floating platforms. If you like that map then you will like this one too. Apply your same strategies and you will surely perform well.

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