Somewhere in the Depths of Netsphere…

Your appointment to┬áPentavision should be finalized within the week. I’ve already discussed the matter with the gamemasters.

I take it they were agreeable?

They didn’t really have a choice.

Have they been stabbed?

Oh yes, most certainly. When I mentioned we could give them free capsules for our newest weapon, they were so willing it was almost pathetic.

This weapon– the criticism is intensifying to the point where we may not be able to implement it.

Why restraint it? Let it spill over into the unlimited and swords, let the KDR rise up to 10s. In the end, they’ll beg us to give them.

I’ve received reports of leak attempts from our group. There’s not enough melee weapons to choose from, and the sword community is starting to get desperate.

Of course they’re desperate. They can smell the bloodbath coming. A shame, the dying sounds they can’t make in Europe servers would serve as a warning to the rest.

Hmm. I hope you’re not overestimating the damage. The others may not go as loud as you think — intelligence indicates they’re behind the problems in game like wall shooting.

A bunch of bug abusing jobless men playing at shaping the meta. But the meta left them behind long ago. We are the future.

We have other problems.


Added as one of the first skills in game and heavily advertised. I have Smash Rifle with me though. I’m more concerned about Counter Sword — it’s still commonly used.

Our enhanced speed is far in advance of theirs, as is our mid-air slashes and their… Ignorance of flexebility has allowed us to inflict damage in areas they refuse to guard.

The right-click stab?

Among other things — but I must admit that I’ve been somewhat disappointed with the performance of the normal slashes.

The first prototype along with Homing Rifle and Air Gun should be online soon. It’s currently undergoing preparations and should be live within few months. My people will continue to report on its testing phase. If necessary, other weapons will be terminated.

We’ve had to endure much, you and I, but soon there will be chaos again, a dark age. Fumbi spoke of the mythical Daggerland. Soon that land will be a reality, and we will be crowned its king and queen. Or better than rulers.

Real eSpers.

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