Alpha Circle

According to a legend, when our world comes closer to its end a legendary tower will rise from the center of the earth. At the top two goddesses will wait for their champions to climb the tower loaded with deadly traps and wise trials for them to prove themselves. Those who make it to the tower first will have the honor to represent their beliefs in a final battle. Last one standing will have the right to shape the afterlife and thus choose the fate of the whole humanity. This is the prophecy told by an ancient mythology that is long forgotten. But the appearance of Ophelia and Lilith inside the Netsphere is making all these legends come virtually true, including the first form of the legendary tower Alpha Circle. Now the eSpers must reach the top to defeat Ophelia, Lilith and their champions in order to stop the destruction of S4 League before the Omega Circle is finished.

Alpha Circle is the third custom map released for S4MAX by Rygaran in patch 2.2.7. It is available for Battle Royale and Deathmatch modes. This tower consists of multiple floors with different labyrinthine layouts in each floor and a pit in the middle.

No doubt you’ve got some fun planned for me, RIGHT S4MAX?

Alpha Circle uses the same map as Circle-1 since you won’t need to use it much. You can spawn in any floor except the top. It is possible to ascend or descent by climbing the outer ramps, wall-jumping from the core or jumping down from the trap doors. I will review each floor without going much into detail starting with the 1st floor.



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First floor is made of eastern sliding doors you can find in Temple maps. Not fitting well thematically with the rest of the map but is much more better than most of the floors we will see. These doors are very fragile, you can break them even with a single handgun shot! Every object in Alpha Circle takes 30 seconds to respawn. If you have a weapon with high magazine like Heavy Machine Gun or Smash Rifle you can destroy the whole floor or if you know an enemy is nearby you can destroy some walls to make a path to ambush them.



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In next floor we have a simple area with wooden boxes around. Small boxes take 5 and large boxes take 10 Semi bullets to break. Some boxes are glitched, even if they are destroyed their appearances stay. Also starting from this floor it is possible to find trap doors on the ground. Most of them are hidden below the boxes. Simply break them to have access to the lower floor.



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3rd floor is where things start to get tedious. It consists of a few connected rooms that lead to the pit in the middle. There are doors on each side to enter from the outer ramps.



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We’re halfway there. 4th floor is a small circular maze. It’s not easy to get lost due to the small area but it is frustrating to find enemies here, they could be hiding anywhere or not even be on this floor. There are gray and breakable walls in this floor, they take 6 Semi shots to break.

I don’t know about you but this is driving me nuts

5th floor is where the map creator got bored and threw a bunch of random walls to call it a day. It is much more open than the 4th floor but due to the random nature it is tiring to explore this floor. It isn’t possible to pass through some narrow spaces so to not trap yourself always choose wider spaces. Or better yet, bring the action to the next floor.



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After the previous floors this one is a lot more simple. 6th floor is entirely made of big, white pillars. Some pillars are glitched and it is possible to hide inside them.



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And now we’re at the top…

It’s just you and me now, strange obelisk like structure

There’s nothing to do here except climactic showdowns. If you have Anchor or Flying it is possible to hide yourself behind the 4 pillars. Other than that this is also a good place to roleplay, to make masterpiece AMV videos or the next Sora vs Roxas.



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And that does it for Alpha Circle. It’s big, it’s confusing, it’s broken in some parts and it looks like it’s been forcibly put together with a glue. In my matches, people mostly fought in these floors: 2nd>1st>6th>Top>3rd=4th=5th. Detect is a great skill to have in this map for surprise potential.



Here are some basic tricks to help you navigate through the map faster:



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