Iron Eyes is the name given to the dangerous virus that was released to the Netsphere during the events of season 2. As the name suggests, this infection robs the victim’s sclera of its whiteness and turns it into a strange color like that of rusted iron. The most dangerous effect, however, is the loss of control over one’s avatar by the signals sent to the nerves, effectively kidnapping players from inside the game. This virus was used by the unnamed faction to kidnap espers and create a deadly and organized militia force called ‘Imperial Army’. Areas which this virus was released have been mutated and are still under quarantine by the officials until the malware is completely removed. Skyline and Ironheart are confirmed to be safe albeit their looks. Rustygarden is the first map to be completely cleaned out and is now named Sector-R.

Sector-R is the reskinning of the TD map Rustygarden. It is released in patch 2.2.6 and is made by Sunaru. It is set in a factory-like area with bridges connecting the goal posts to the fumbi. Rustygarden is no longer available in the official game because of one specific window that turned the map into a boring rushfest and sometimes showed the difference between premium and in-game currency. If you’re curious about how the map used to look here is the link to a youtube video.

Who in their right mind would plant a garden inside a virtual battlefield that looks like a factory?

You spawn at an isolated platform lightly guarded by lasers. Stepping on the left jump pad will take you to your base and the front jump pad will launch you to the fumbi.

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Goal post is located in the middle of your base. This area is wide enough to see and react to incoming rushers. Due to this sentry guns are very effective for defending both sides. Placing one behind the lasers can really help.

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Now to the fumbi. After landing you can choose an exit to reach the center. Rushers should take the front doors, defenders the left and invaders the right. This is where the main action will happen so be prepared.

Trivia: None of the Iron Eyes maps have breakable objects

If you’re not the main rusher stay on the left side and gun people from afar. This way you can contribute to the damage and have enough time to defend both the upper and lower path. If you jump down to melee you can hide behind the stairs to reload and confuse your opponents. In case they take the tunnel don’t bother following them, instead jump back to your base to cut his path. As it can be seen defending your base in this map is pretty easy. The problem comes when there are more than one rushers or when the rusher is heavily supported by backers and healers.

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Invading is more or less the same but done on the opposite side. For rushers it’s time to take the fumbi and score. Those that have played this map back in official will make their way to the window by muscle memory. Don’t do this because in S4Max there are now lasers protecting this path.

Haha suckers the first goal is mi- WHAT WHERE DID THIS COME FROM!?!

Sector-R is no longer a rushing map and requires a bit more teamwork to succeed. Depending on the situation take one of the three routes. Bridges are closer to the base and if you have enough sp you can perform the same walljump i showed to reach the base. Upper bridge is leaning inwards, dying on this means the ball will drop down and reset.

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The tunnel on the other hand is longer but the ground is flat and will make it easier for your teammates to pick the ball. You can also jump on the chained pillar to increase your evasiveness. From both ways you can jump from behind the short pillars to momentarily protect yourself and seek for an opening.

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When the moment is right dash with your melee weapon to score! Walking with a handgun is not recommended as you will be a sitting duck for both melee and ranged weapons.

Success feels better when you have to work harder for it

You’re now 1 goal closer to victory. Even though the rush window is protected, scores can still happen pretty fast if you don’t interfere. Find yourself a strategic point that is close to protect both sides and counter hard when you get the ball.


Due to the lasers not protecting the spawn points entirely it is possible to reach them. This can be used to stall the spawning enemies to give your teammates more time to score. There are more than one way to reach them and i will share them with you now. Note that i recommend spawn invading only if both teams are equally powerful and are constantly switching balls with no score.


This isn’t technically the enemy base but it is possible to lead them to a trap by closing one of the exits. You can either:

  1. Close a front entrance with Block
  2. Place a Sentry Gun/Senty Nell and/or charge your weapon


Or if you want to reduce the number of defenders/invaders:

  1. Place a block diagonally to close both gates
  2. Place a Sentry Gun/Senty Nell and/or charge your weapon


Note that this will only work psychologically as the block won’t completely close the way and enemies can jump from sides.


It is possible to wall jump to the enemy spawn from enemy base. The steps are:

  1. Stand on the chained pillar
  2. Wall jump from the wall to your left
  3. Land on the corner


The last step is important because if you land anywhere near the laser you will die. You’re now inside the enemy spawn and free to perform any kind of cheap trick. You can put sentries or nells, put a block in front of a jump pad, gun enemies from behind etc… To get out of enemy spawn simply suicide or wall jump from the short pillar and dodge your way to the chained pillar.



This is the most obvious one as you can fly from anywhere. This route however is the safest one as you will be flying from a covered path

  1. Stand on your team’s tilted bridge
  2. Fly from between the big pillars


This route comes at the cost of no block and lower sp but will be easier to get out of. Here is a map to get a better understanding of each route.

Hope that there won’t be a touchdown until you reach your destination

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