Alice is a mischievous AI that was released to the Netsphere during the events of season 4 and 5. She has the ability to forcibly alter the data of almost everything to things that fit her sense of fashion. She isn’t afraid to use this power on players either, there were many cases of player equipments getting replaced for a much ‘cuter’ appearance and getting banned by anti-hacking bots as a result of ID altering. After a series of chases she finally got caught and locked away safely with the help of eSpers. The damage she has caused is taking a long time to repair but progress is being made surely.

Neo-Wonder is the reskinning of an existing TD map, Wonderland. It is released in patch 2.2.3 and is made by Serene and Sunaru. The layout is similiar to Station-2: fumbi is in a lower area, there are stairs (now it’s a breakable bridge) and ramps, goal post is lightly protected by walls etc… If you’re curious about how the map used to look here is the link to a youtube video. Also here is another link to the old theme.

The tradition of ripping off Station-2 with little gimmicks will later be continued in the form of Ice-Square

Upon spawning you can see your goal post behind the glasses. It isn’t breakable but it’s useful for determining which exit to take. Going straight will lead you to your base. Taking the jump pad to your left will open up to the ramp.

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Bases in this map are pretty wide. Fumbi is located to the right. There is a very durable glass with high HP in the middle of the map to prevent base-to-base sniper battles but it is breakable and it is possible to snipe from the ramp instead.

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To the right of the goal post there is a ramp located for quick counter offense. Due to a bug in S4MAX, if a player carrying the fumbi uses these there is a high chance for the ball to reset.

In the same way as Reload Cancel and Airhugging this is also a feature

The stairs bridges are breakable. They each take 12 shots from Semi-Rifle and respawn in 5 seconds. It is crucial to have these bridges destroyed to prevent rushers from scoring. Fumbi is located inside the train a lightly covered area. Your head is protected from instakills but your lower body will still be visible. There are also small tunnels located in each side for backers and healers to cover.

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Time to get the ball. Be careful not to fall down on your way. There are 3 routes to reach the enemy base in this map. The first and most obvious is by the bridge. If it is not destroyed this is the fastest way to score. Mind that you will be open to every enemy fire and if the bridge gets broken you will be dropped down. Before it is destroyed your aim should be to jump to the platform ahead.

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Other than the bridge, there are two ramps you can take to shake things up. To the right from fumbi is a straight ramp. This is a good path to take if you want your teammates to assist by jumping from your base ramp. Enemies can also spawn from right tunnel to throw you down. Be sure to jump between the lower and higher platform to raise your evasiveness

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And lastly we have the ramp to the left. This is the trickies path to take in this map but also the closes to the fumbi. Either jump through the walls or DJMAX ads to get inside.

One of these things is not like the others~

Well done for reaching this far. From the bridge and right ramp it is just a gauntlet of enemies in a straight road. From the left ramp however you can use the walls to cover yourself as you reach the goal post. Jump from behind the corner and proceed carefully. Be careful not to touch the ramp!

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Successfully reach the base and score that goal with your superior teamwork!

Even the fumbi can’t hold back his excitement as he somersaults

Ripoff is not always a bad thing in my opinion. Neo-Wonder is a small map that enforces close range combat by limiting the long range options and will always throws something on your way to occupy you. With the totally unrelated Alice in Wonderland theme removed there is no longer a reason to not play this map.

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