Steel Cage

Netsphere isn’t all fun and games. Beneath this colorfully built world lies the darkest secrets of human desire. For those bored of the usual content, there are other ‘alternatives’, mainly deadly pit fights. Illegal bets and ID slavery is common practice around here and sadly officials can do little to nothing to stop them.

Steel Cage is one of the few unused map for S4 League and is only playable in Touchdown mode. The reason why it’s not used is probably the map being a cage: It consists of wires. Everyone is shootable and everything is vulnerable. But this is also what makes it so unique.

Welcome to the cage! Tonight’s main event will begin shortly!

Steel Cage doesn’t have a map, nor does it need one. Upon spawning you find yourself in a room with 3 exits. One on the left, one on the right and one in the middle that leads to your goal post. It’s not visible but there are lasers in each exit.

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In the air there is a huge unbreakable object that prevents you from sniping the opponent spawn point, and being sniped vice versa.

How it stands in the air? None of this is real, that’s how

Fumbi is at the center of the cage. You can drop down by blue lasers and start the action! Watch every corner because when inside the cage you can be attacked from every angle. Sentries are especially good in this map for attention usually goes to the other players.

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Once you’re done wrestling with your opponents, grab the ball and crawl your way up through the sides. There are no other ways to reach upside and slowly jumping leaves you even more vulnerable. Have a teammate running close to you because if you die, the ball goes down!

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That’s right, either reach the top or watch as your progress slowly fade away. If you somehow manage to climb up make your way to the stairs and try not to die on the wires. If you die this time, the ball DROPS DOWN!!!

Now THIS is a true Souls-like experience!

Pretty unforgiving, right? When you’re near death try to die on a solid ground like the ones that surround the lasers. Or quickly make your way to the final stairs. If you die on the first three steps the ball won’t drop down and your teammates can quickly grab it after you. Always wait for your mates to finish the defenders on goal post.

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When it is clear, dash to glory and reclaim your freedom! Remember the ones that have fallen and pray that their souls may find peace in afterlife.

Or so you think, then the next round starts

Anchor is a good skill to take for backers. You can glide your way up to the goal post easily by targeting the sides of the stairs and can have access to the big block floating in the middle. For this reason backers with anchor should always stay close to the main striker and pick the ball quickly before it falls down, then anchor their way to the goal post.

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As for defending, if the ball does not drop down after you kill their carrier, never reset and rush immediately to the other side. Resetting the ball means the same thing as dropping it down. Doesn’t matter if you’re a Heavy Machine Gun user or a healer, rush it.

And that’s it for Steel Cage. Please play more Steel Cage in the future, this map is a blast.

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