Galleon (TD)

The day i first thought of making a guide for custom maps i forgot this monstrosity even existed. Honestly speaking, this map never should’ve been brought to S4MAX and must’ve remained untouched somewhere in the game files. This map is nothing but an air balloon filled with bad luck that is ready to explode. The latest residents of this ship are not happy with outsiders either and they will do everything in their power to make the unlucky trespassers to join them in their eternal suffering.

Galleon-TD is the scrapped version of Galleon. As the name suggests it is available only in Touchdown mode. There are multiple reasons for its scrapping, like the huge map that dwarves City Square and stupid design choices but the most important factor is that Galleon-TD is the only truly unparallel Touchdown map. This is nothing minor like some car placements in Highway and City maps or spawn buildings in Neden-3, this map is truly unfair for one side.

You best start believing in horrible maps, you’re in one

To keep this short i’ll only include rooms and connections that are new, directions on how to reach them and some shortcuts. Alpha team starts up at the deck and beta at the engine room. The map provided is not accurate so check TAB only for fumbi verifying. (only shows ally team!)


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From alpha spawn, by taking the stars you can reach the room with vent that drops down and your goal post. If you know Galleon well enough then the chances are you now know why this map is unfair. If not don’t worry, you’ll eventually understand.


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There is a ramp from this goal post that leads down to the entrance of the storage room. Some parts of this ramp can be destroyed easily (4 semi shots) and they respawn instantly.


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Don’t bother to jump through the shutters as they lead to nowhere and there’s always the chance of falling. Falling is especially dangerous because sometimes you can get stuck falling forever. If you think you’re the man with the plan there’s nothing stopping you though.

People should die when they are killed

One cool thing about this map is the freedom given. There’s nothing stopping you from finding unorthodox ways to roam around the hull. Instead of taking the ramp you can jump back to the hull of the ship and run forward. You’ll eventually come across a window. If you jump inside you’ll find yourself in the northern cabin with the hallway to air vent.


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Now we head off to grab the fumbi. Head to the nearest shared quarters and continue to go down. Remember the closed gates in Battle Royale? They are now open and the room inside is where fumbi is located. Choose to enter either from left or right sides or the grand door at the middle to start the action.


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This huge hall complete with an organ is where the action will happen the most. There are many actions you can take when inside: You can hide behind the columns to cover yourself, charge your sniping weapon behind one of the bars or straight up rush to the ball.

Video games have lied to me once more, smacking the organ does not make a sound

After grabbing the fumbi the goal is pretty much made. But for this guide’s sake i’ll take the long way to show another new passage. Head to the open gate that is by the bar. Alpha takes the right one and beta the left. Pass through it and move forward, you’ll find yourself in the lower storage.


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If by any chance you look back you’ll see an interesting thing. The gate you’ve just passed through is no more! This is just the angry spirits that lost their lives on this ship playing tricks on your mind, if you go back to the very end and turn to your right you can pass through the wall and appear back on the hall.


With everything done it’s time to score. Alpha team should make their way to the engine room and beta team should rush to the room with air vent. In this version of Galleon you can roam beyond the engine room but there’s nothing there, it’s just empty space. Also in some parts there are only textures with no solid platform to stand on, one wrong move and you’ll fall to your death forever.


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The secret to getting out of this ship is to survive until the time is up or score as much points as it is needed. Everyone’s fate is in your hands!

No, there are no cute ghost girls waiting for you to save them

So far this map seems nothing like a big deal, right? Just an oversized and unfinished map. But the real deal starts now. Remember when i said that this map is totally unfair for one side? The reason is simple:

Alpha starts above, beta starts below.

This is totally unacceptable for a TD map that should offer equal chances to both sides. Alpha side can humiliate their enemies without much effort thanks to some shortcuts i’m about to share.


Galleon offers players the ability to walk on the hull of the ship. Both sides can benefit from this path but one benefits more. As Alpha:

  1. Grab Fumbi
  2. Jump out of the window
  3. Land on the ledge
  4. Walk forward
  5. Jump down to the pipe
  6. Climb the pipe (character leans towards right)
  7. Jump to the ledge
  8. Walk forward
  9. Jump down to goal post
  10. Score!


Now let’s try the same with Beta.


Their path leads to the normal routes sadly. Beta has one less choice to score.


So you killed the beta rusher in your base and now have the ball. Do you have to run the whole mile now? The answer is no because you’re part of the proud Alpha master race.

  1. Kill enemy rusher in your base
  2. Jump down the vent
  3. Walk straight
  4. Score


There are no lasers in this map to prevent situations like this. Even if there were, having a one sided access to the enemy base this easily is surely a balance breaker. Beta loses one more point.


The most brutal and soul crushing humiliation a human will receive ever. The contents shown below are +18. Viewer discretion is advised.

  1. Kill enemy rusher in your base
  2. Anchor up to the deck
  3. Walk forward
  4. Jump down
  5. Score!



Beta starts at too low to even dream this. Poor guys are probably scarred for the rest of their lives and are basically sitting ducks for roaming spirits to drag them.

And this is Galleon. I have no idea what they were thinking when making an asymmetric map but it’s obvious that at some point they understood their mistake and scrapped the project. Luckily for you, me and everyone else in S4MAX no one is interested in the slightest about this map.


Because it was scrapped, most of the map is left unused. The one part that caught my interest is no other than the top deck. One can gain access to this part with Anchor, Flying and Block skills. It is basically a huge and empty space perfect for self-made minigames. You can even have intense duels on the bow! It is a shame that Galleon is initially thought as a Touchdown map and is quickly reduced to a Battle Royale map. I think Galleon would be really suited for a Racing mode, where players must sprint through the various parts of the ship (including the exterior) and reach the goal. Or a scavenging mode where players must find hidden objects before their rivals.


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