City Square

Today we’re visiting the city and bringing the usual chaos with us. In this simulation, we’re thrown into a huge district of the Neden City with abandoned cars, a connected highway and many skyscrapers in background.

This is one of the 5 unused map in official S4 and it is playable in Touchdown and Deathmatch modes. The reason why it is scrapped is probably due to its enormous size and lack of covers.

One can only wonder what easter eggs this map may be hiding

Game starts in designated spawn points as seen in the map below. The spot is same for both TD and DM. Upon looking around you can see the enemy bastards, take this opportunity to taunt them with a few e5s. It’s not possible to shoot them because there is an invisible wall between two spots. Lasers in this map are placed only around the spawn points; one on the exit and the other above the electronic billboard.

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It is possible to get on the billboard through anchoring, flying or a simple walljumping trick. By doing so, you can harass your opponents a bit at the start of a round.

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Upon leaving the spawn point you can see how enormous this map indeed is. First thing you notice will be the goalpost and the bridge leading to fumbi. Goalposts are located on top of wired fences similiar to the ones on Highway map. You can shoot through these fences so the ball carrier will be a sitting duck for everyone to feast on. Backers can use the cars below as covers and snipers can hunt enemies by climbing to the balcony. This is an especially good spot for snipers because they can hide behind the arc to defend themselves and can jump back to their spawn points when in danger.

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Now to grab the fum-

Fight me face to face cowards!

Oh no. Someone destroyed the bridge and now you fell down to the lower tier. These bridges leading to the highway are very fragile, they can be destroyed by a single semi rifle click. Players with long ranged weapons can break these bridges to stall the enemies. This is only a momentary solution though because they respawn instantly.

Welcome to yawnville. There is so little to do down here and you goal should be to get up as soon as possible. You can either take the stairs back to the goal posts, climb the fumbi highway through fence platforms or wall jump back to main road from the sides. It is not possible to dodge your way up the slope, no matter how tempting it seems.

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NOW to grab the fumbi. Like in the main road, parked cars here are perfect for covers and sneak attacks, since they take forever to break

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Once you have the ball, do not take the bridge! As said before they have very low health and will force you to take a long way unless you have anchor. What you should do instead is, once you take the ball, perform a wall jump to the stairs at lower tier as shown in picture below. Try to aim the spot where i fire my rifle with.

Time to finish this skit. Take the stairs to the opponent’s goal post. Since the map is big you may die, but every step counts for your teammates to conserve as much SP as possible. Fumbi doesn’t pass through the platform so don’t be concerned about where to die.

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Protip: For fires coming from below, you can walk on the solid platforms to minimize the damage

If your teamwork is solid and you are fast enough, you can make your dreams into reality and score!

Remember: Green is good, red is bad

While defending it is important to consider how the goal posts are placed. You can quickly counterattack by taking the ball from your side, walljumping to the balcony and move to the opposing post. It is also possible to anchor from one goal to the other by targeting the screens. May seem cheap but hey, it works.

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That is all for this map. Due to the huge size it’s a viable strategy to have multiple rushers for this map. Don’t be discouraged if you die.


In lower tier there are 4 trash cans. If you feel extremely frustrated you can say ‘screw it’ and play three pointers instead. What you need are mine guns, someone to keep the score and someone to confirm the score (called hoop). Rules are simple:

  • Hoop gets in the trash
  • Player fires his mine gun
  • If it goes in hoop will be damaged
  • If it doesn’t hoop will be unscratched

If you feel wild enough you can try dunks by yourself too!

One billion b-balls dribbling simultaneously throughout the galaxy. One trillion b-balls being slam dunked through a hoop throughout the whole cosmos. I can feel every single b-ball that has ever existed at my fingertips, I can feel their collective knowledge channeling through my veins. Every jump shot, every rebound and three pointer, every layup, dunk, and free throw. I am there. I am B-Ball.

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