City Square-2

When the battle of City Square has finally ended, it was already midnight for servers. Everyone is tired and the losing team must treat the winners to cold drinks in Cafe Inus before logging out… that was the plan anyway, before a losing player threw a tantrum about how they used hacks and he has an appointment tomorrow. Everyone joined the argument with guns blazing and soon after, guns started blazing literally.

This is the second map of the critically acclaimed City Square series and it’s playable in Deathmatch and Battle Royale modes. This one is also scrapped due to the same problems: big size and little cover. In fact this one is so horizontally long it is possible to cut it in half and release them as two seperate maps.

Apparently cities have much more open areas than the rural parts

Spawn points are located in each side of the map. Alpha is located in right, beta is at left. There is an invisible wall blocking the beta spawn. To exit, head to the left or right sides and walk down the arc.


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I will be playing as alpha because A comes before B. Upon spawning you will notice the long overpass with glass roof that leads to the stage. I personally do not recommend this way if you didn’t respawn above it because you will be open to any sniper shot. For a more sneaky approach cross the street without taking the overpass and reach to the sides. There are stairs located in each side for easy climbing.


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If you follow my advice then you can reach the second part of this map without any trouble. You’re now in an open stage complete with flashlights and a screen. There are platforms leading to the overpass from beta side. One thing to note is there is no cover to hide behind, even the solid platform can be shot through. This area is where most of the action will happen so be prepared to dodge any attack coming your way.

Wet dream of every sword player

Before reaching the beta base there is an important factor i want to elaborate on. The only path to reach beta spawn is a narrow choke point, and the walls surrounding it are untargetable. You can shoot and attack through them but because of a stupid decision made by Pentavision you can’t see through them. Team beta will be utilizing this spot to safely harass your team.


If you prove to be too tough of a guy and slaughter everyone else, advance to the third and final part of this map. This area is the fancy entrance to a subway station and is filled with both breakable and unbreakable objects. Team beta really has the upper hand in this map. The black square things can be destroyed by 10 shots from a semi rifle and respawn in 10 seconds. You can also use them for walljumping if you time it right. What are these things anyway? They make steel sounds when stepped on.


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The alienish statue in the middle is surrounded by 6 black boxes and tall bushes. When standing in these you will be hardly noticed and if you stand crouched you will be entirely hidden! This is a good spot for long ranged players of beta team and invaders with invisibility to rest.

We can add unfair advantage to one side for scrapping reasons

The balcony below beta spawn point is totally pointless for alpha team, as it is impossible to reach without dying if you don’t have anchor or flying. Beta team can walljump or use counter sword and twin blades to reach there. As you may have noticed by now, beta side is filled with safe sniping spots. But what about alpha? Top of the overpass and roof of Cafe Inus are usable. If you have a skill to climb, top of the PnT building can be used too.


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This summarizes the City Square-2 map. If you’re on alpha, you’re a man. If you’re on beta, you’re a coward.


Remember the basketball minigame from City Square? You can find trash cans in this map too! They’re located under the arcs that lead to beta spawn points. These ones are significantly smaller and are covered from above so they are for solo plays. Rules are same but now player is also the hoop:

  • Player fires his mine gun
  • Runs immediately to the trash
  • If it goes in player won’t be damaged
  • If it doesn’t player will take damage


One last thing to add. The stage located in the middle is perfect for many minigames. You can play tag, sumo or duel in rounds like Arena mode in official S4 League.

I like to imagine fighting Parent Virus here

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